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Published: 07th June 2011
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Contour Plus, Successor to Contour HD Camera

It appears the cat is out of the bag. A bike rumors net internet site has leaked what is Contour's newest camera, the Contour+ into the wild. The look will probably be precisely as the best selling Contour HD 1080p and Contour GPS but the guts have been stuffed to the max with enhancements, typically with beneficial functions that users have been asking for.

Have you been questioning what the up coming version of the Contour action camera will bring? Wait no more. Spys and test users have disclosed the Contour + cam. Initial blurry pictures show the very same case as the last couple of Contour action cams but the guts have been bettered to far better user experience including included bluetooth as well as a wider angle camera lens.

Contour+ is Contour's answer to all of the complications contained in their contemporary action cameras. The lack of a viewfinder and subpar sound were issues often brought up by their customers. It appears Contour has listened and came up with solutions to those difficulties. .

What's the Plus in Contour+?
Centered on the proof we have, here is what the Contour+ will have

-HDMI port for live streaming
-new wider 170 degree angle lens
-internal Bluetooth radio
-higher image quality
-exterior mike port
-red "on" LED when the the recording switch is slid forward
-new pass through usb and HDMI outlets for charging and play back at the same time

Improved upon Sound and External Microphone
What is going to be widely applauded from Contourloverswill be the much better audio performance of the Contour+, or rather the prospective formuch bettersound. The Contour+ has a external microphone connector for plugging in far much better microphones than the tinny built in unit inside the Contour.

HDMI Output
HDMI will be the hot new tech feature bullet point for any video camera coming out today. The Contour Plus follows that trend by incorporating HDMI output having a tiny connector on its back panel. You are able to basically attach a HDMI cable on the back of the camera and plug it straight in to your compatible HDTV or personal computer for immediate video reviews after a lengthy shooting day for bragging rights or previews before editing on your computer.

iPhone As Your Viewfinder
An LCD viewfinder is one of the most demanded attributes of the Contour cameras. With the Contour+ , the camera company has lastly addressed users' demands for a fantastic viewfinder. Unlike other helmet camera manufacturers' solutions, Contour has come up with a clever invention giving it the best LCD viewfinder of any action camera offered. Incorporating a bluetooth radio inside the already diminutive case, the Contour+ uses your iPhone as an LCD viewfinder via a totally free iPhone app (soon for Android).

Wider Camera Angle
A unique aspect which set action cams apart from regular video cameras are the very wide angle lenses helpful for capturing much more of a scene and bringing the viewer into the action.

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